About Us

At Absafe Height Safety Services, we’ve combined the extensive industry experience of Absafe, with the skills and knowledge of Hi-Rise Solutions, to create a service provider second to none. We provide unique service and maintenance procedures that will support your effectiveness and ease of work, while maintaining compliance.

Absafe has a reputation for being at the forefront of the height safety industry. We seek to maintain that reputation by constantly developing in all key areas, using an open management approach, and backing ourselves with the right accreditation.

We specialise in the regular maintenance of mechanical fall protection products, including 3M, Capital Safety Group (DBI-SALA & Protecta), North, and more.  We also service and sell SkyClimber products throughout Australasia. Our extensive workshop facilities are manned by highly trained and approved service personnel.

It is worth remembering, all safety equipment must be certified (and regularly re-certified) as detailed in the standard AS/NSZ1576.4.

All our work is backed with a service and testing certificate.

As the Master Service Centre, we stock the full range of replacement parts and service manuals for each product group. As part of our comprehensive offering, we also inspect other safety items for compliance, such as:  harnesses, rope systems, tripods, davit systems, lanyards, etc.

Our clients are from diverse types of areas such as Construction , General industry , Mining , Oil & Gas, Transportation, Wind Energy and others.

We provide to our customers the best products, service, training, and support in the industry.

Our Values

We recognise that safety is paramount and is behind everything we do. We forge strong customer relationships to better understand our clients and provide the solution they need. The key to our success is constant evaluation and learning. We’ve retained our key personnel by creating the right dynamics within our team. We seek to attract talented and like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a
successful work environment. Our team understand that behind success lies perseverance, empathy, creativity and discipline. As a group we come from a diverse range of ethnicities and beliefs. We encourage and embrace diversity within our ranks. Our company is built on a framework of quality, from our accreditations, processes and systems to the people we employ. We actively encourage all personnel to expand their horizons and become the best that they can be. We foster talent and provide training, guidance and leadership. We seek to build a strong, dynamic and successful company that provides financial security, stability and professional development to its employees. Our ethos embodies excitement and purpose for all our employees.